Continuing Education courses for Pharmacist.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

This course provides the necessary background information for students to understand the biology of HIV/ AIDS, while also providing information on critical epidemiological patterns and research developments. The course addresses the modes of transmission, including transmission from a healthcare worker to a patient and the patient to the healthcare worker; infection control procedures, including universal precautions; epidemiology of the disease; related infections, including tuberculosis (TB); clinical management; prevention; and current Florida law on AIDS, its impact on testing, confidentiality of test results, and treatment of patients. This course covers reporting, the offering of HIV testing to pregnant women, and partner notification issues pursuant to Sections 381.004 and 384.25, F.S..  

Approved Credits: 1
Tracking #:20-489258
Cost: $45.00 

Medication Errors - FL

As a part of the biennial renewal, pharmacists are required to complete a two (2) hour Florida Board of Pharmacy approved course on Medication Errors. The course must contain the following components: (a) root-cause analysis; (b) error reduction and prevention; (c) patient safety. The two-hour program may be applied towards the thirty-hour continuing education requirement. (64B16-26.103)

Approved Credits: 3
Tracking #:20-506983
Cost: $45.00