Learning Management System


System Roles: Inbuilt user roles for admin, tutor, learner inbuilt user roles for manager, regional manager and assessor.

Competencies and Organizational Roles: Ability to customize roles and permissions, Create organizational roles and hierarchies, Create competency frameworks, Map organizational roles to competencies, Map users to organization roles, Map learning content to competencies, Submission of competency evidence, Automatic or manual evaluation of competencies.

Individual Development Plan: View record of learning, View submissions, feedback, and grades, Personal learning objectives, Set priorities and due dates.

Reporting:  Sophisticated and flexible site-wide report builder, A rich set of pre-built reports, Ability to build own reports and report sources, Scheduled report management, Export to a variety of formats, Integration with Google fusion tables, Report dashboards based on system role, Export a variety of formats.

Calendar: Timed-based events, Outlook integration, Filterable calendar of face-to-face training.

SCORM: SCORM 1.2 Compliant.

Content Management: Web pages, User generated content (blog, forum, wiki), Resources (links, documents, files), Context-sensitive help.

User Management: User profiles, Bulk processes, Profile field customization, Synchronize user hierarchies from external HR system, Manually assign users to an organizational role and team, OAuth integration.

Front Page: News items and updates, End-user system checker, Course content search engine, Landing pages for each system role.

Course Enrollment: Manually assign users to courses.


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